Sustainable Clothing


We are a new clothing brand with a clear vision. Because most clothing is produced in a way that harms our environment we decided we don’t take part in that. Our fashion is ethical and sustainable. The fabric we use most is organic cotton. The clothing is produced using renewable energy sources.

Premium T-shirts


Our T-shirts are made with the highest quality organic materials. This gives them a premium look and feel. We also have T-shirts made out of recycled pre-costumer cotton and polyester. They are meant to last for years. The minimalist designs are what make our tees unique.

Sweaters and hoodies


The premium hoodies and sweaters in our webshop are super soft and comfortable, yet 100% sustainable.

The Blog

The blog is where we keep you posted with the latest new and developments of PolyWolves. We will also inform you on cool products that have something to do with sustainabiliy or fashion.