How to live more sustainably

Many of the choices that we make every day effect our environment. Simple things like saving energy and driving less can have a huge impact on a global scale. The climate is changing and more and more species are being endangered. How we live matters and living more sustainably can help reduce the damage we do to our planet. For that reason we will give you 10 tips on how to live a better, more sustainable live.

1. Buy green and organic products

As awareness for the environment grows, more and more companies are starting to produce organic products. This makes it easier for you and me to buy organic and live more sustainably.

? Our sustainable clothing

2. Drive less or drive green

Not only is riding a bike or walking much healthier than driving your car, it’s also a way more sustainable form of transportation. The emissions your car produces is harmful to the ozone layer protecting our planet. If you drive a hybrid or electric car, also make sure that your energy company is green.

3. Reduce the use of fossil fuels

Using fossil fuels causes a lot of emissions that are bad for the ozone layer. By turning down your heating just a few degrees and not leaving it on when you leave your house you can save a lot of gas. It’s also a good idea to check if your house is isolated properly so you don’t burn more gas than necessary to keep your house warm.

4. Reuse and recycle


You can reuse a lot of the things many people throw away after using them once. For starters, always bring your own bag when you go out to buy groceries or at least reuse the bag you buy because you didn’t bring your own bag. Another thing I see a lot is people making just one cup of thee, throwing away their teabag and making another cup of tea half an hour later. So also reuse your teabags. Another great way to start reusing is to drink out of old jars. It’s a big hype to drink out of a mason jar and companies have started to sell them als glasses. Please don’t buy these, because it’s completely stupid if you could have reused a jar.


More and more materials can be recycled. However, if you don’t dispose of them properly they still end op being wasteful.

? How to improve your recycling 

5. Save paper, go digital and print less

Cutting down huge amounts of trees to make paper without needing to is nonsense! By doing choosing digital alternatives to paper we can save a lot of trees. It’s also important to take a better look at the packaging of products and food before you buy them. Because gigantic boxes for tiny products don’t make sense, and the companies selling them show you exactly how little they care.

Great and easy to use examples are:
– Sending emails instead of letters
– Only print documents and emails if you absolutely need to
– Use your phone as an agenda rather than using one made out of paper
– Stop buying products with way to much packaging
– Dine at restaurants instead of taking away (because of wrapping and packaging)
– Make notes on your phone or computer and not on notebooks

6. Waste as little as possible

OK, this one sounds a little obvious. We still waste way too much though, causing factories to produce products that aren’t even being used. So please, stop buying more food while your fridge is full of left overs that will be spoiled if you eat something else. It also helps to learn how to properly store your food so it lasts longer.

7. Buy second hand

Whether it’s electronics, clothing or furniture, buying second hand products is the absolute best way to buy sustainable products. By buying second hand no wasteful production techniques are needed to get you the product you want. In a way it’s even better than recycling, because 100% of the item you buy is reused. Another great tip to handel your old products more sustainably is to sell them or give them away instead of trowing them in a dumpster.

8. Eat less or no meat

The bio industrie is the most harmful industrie for our planet. It is causing problems like global warming, acid rain and poisoned rivers. One of the best ways to start living more sustainably is to cut back on meat consumption or by boycotting the bio industrie all together.
The reason cows and other live stock are so bad for our environment is the harmful emissions they produce. Cows are producing more green house gasses then all forms of transportation combined. Read this article by The Independent for more information.

9. Get creative

While this is technically reusing or recycling, try to use your creativity to make new thing out of old products you were going to throw out. This way there is no need to proces your waste or produce the product that you made. Not that creative? Don’t worry, there are lots of DIY’s on how to make new thing out of old things!

10. Keep sustainability in mind

If you keep sustainability in mind while making all of your choices you are more likely to do the right thing for our planet. Simple things like turning off all electrical devices and your heating, even when you go out for just a little while help. When you have to decide what to eat for dinner while keeping sustainability in mind you might decide to buy less meat or even no meat.

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