How to take Flay Lay Instagram pictures

In the series ‘Flay lays by J’ we show you how to make flat lay Instagram pictures. We love photography and think the flay lay/outfit grid is a great way to show off you essential items. In this article we will explain the basics for making a great picture.

Don’t feel like reading? Check out the first flay lay video!

1. Choose your surface

The surface you choose as the background has great influence on the mood of you pictures. Wooden floors or tables with a lot of character give your pictures a warm touch while smooth surfaces give them a clean and minimalist look. Try out different surfaces and pick whatever you find most suitable for your outfit or items.

2. Set up the lighting

Good lighting can make or break you pictures. Things to pay attention to are the consistency and brightness of your lighting. Also, make sure you don’t see reflections on your surface or your items. To set up proper lighting you can do one of three Things: use natural Light, use house hold lamps or use photography lighting. It’s possible to create beautiful images without ugly shadows or reflections with all three options.

3. Pick your essentials

Pick the items you want to use to make your composition. I like to use my own essential item so the images I take represent my style and interests. A theme for your Image can help determine which items you want to use. For example, all of your photography gear, a favorite outfit or items you use every Day.

4. Layout the items

It’s time to start laying down your items. Your composition will look the cleanest when you make it a square, like the camera view of instagram. It also really helps when you keep the empty space between items equal across you entire layout. But it’s up to how you create your composition.

5. Review your composition

When you think you’re done with your layout it’s best to take a minute to review it, Just to make sure you’re happy with it. Try to take some test photographs to make sure everything looks the way you want it to.

6. Adjust your layout

When I review my compositions, I always find some small details I’m not satisfied with. Take your time, adjust your composition and review it again.

7. Take the perfect picture

After you’ve chosen the best background, setup the proper lighting and created the greatest composition you can think of, it’s time to shoot the perfect picture. Edit your picture the way you like and Share it on Instagram or any other social media. Don’t forget to tag us (@polywolves) in your picture!

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