PolyWolves, how we started a new clothing brand

The idea 

After working as a freelance webdesigner and graphic designer my designs started to pile up. Because most customers asking for design work have their own company with it’s own style the files just stood on a harddrive. Then I figured I could use them to print some T-shirts for myself. I started reading about printing on clothing a lot and came to the conclusion that if I was going to put in all the work it would take, I might as well do more with it.


After deciding I was going to setup a professional clothing brand for myself I started doing more research. Part of this research was asking everyone I know for feedback on my designs. The feedback I got was really positive. The first couple of T-shirts I designed seemed to be OK. To see if strangers also liked my work I opened our Instagram channel. After a few days I received the first couple of messages asking me where my T-shirts were sold.

I was now ready to dive into the world of clothing. After reading everything I could find about clothing and textile I had learned how bad this industrie is. I decided to call around to professional printing companies to ask what their favourite suppliers were. One of them suggested that I should contact company he had worked with a lot, which happened to produce sustainable clothing. With all this information it was time to write a businessplan.

The start 

When I was done writing my businessplan, it was time to start. While I was writing it I realised that producing an entire collection of T-shirts would cost a lot. Especially since I was a 20 year old working for minimum wage and parttime freelancer. That is why we decided to launch a collection of caps first. We now had ordered 2 different caps, a bucked hat and my own beanies. The production would take a couple of weeks. To start selling them there were a lot of other things that needed to be taken care of, like getting a business bank account to receive online payments. Now I opened social media accounts on all popular networks and started promoting. I also created our webshop.

How we continued

After receiving our stock of headwear we started putting items on our website. The first couple of orders came in pretty quickly and we saved money to produce sustainable T-shirts. In the next months the website will be optimised and our clothing collections will grow.

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