The 11 best minimalist Instagram accounts to follow

Minimalism as a style is unique, simple, and yet extremely complicated.

We follow a lot of interesting minimalist Instagram accounts. This is a selection of 10 great users who post some of the most beautiful images around the web. You can check them out one by one, or just trust us and follow them all. The list is not in a particular order, so #8 isn’t lower on our favorite list then #1.


1. Dennis Schoof

Dennis Schoof is a instagrammer from the German Ruhr Area. He has a certain unity across all his images. The lighting is always bright and there are no images on his page that don’t fit in.


2.Benjamin Bredmose Hansen

We we’re planning on writing another post about the best fashion Instagrammers but we couldn’t leave Benjamin Bredmose out of this list. His clean and simple outfit posts are great in every aspect, from the tones down to the items.


3. Spare Design

I don’t speak Spanish but I think the Spare Design bio says the content is created by someone named Mehdi Ramdani. The images are truly minimalist and the colorful backgrounds make this Instagram stand out.


4. Manu_Gfry

Manu_Gfry has an addiction to blue, but he won’t admit it because his mommy says it’s cool. A side effect of this serious condition he is facing is a blue Instagram page.


5. minimalism_____

This Instagram account is so minimal that we couldn’t even find any background information. It does look really good though… When looking at the feed the huge amount of white makes the images almost come together as one.


6. Luca Halma

Luca Halma is a Dutch photographer with a stunning minimalist Instagram. The content he posts is varies from architecture to fashion.


7. Vinnoth Krishnan

Vinnoth Krishnan is a very talented COLORBLIND photographer and director. The colors in his work are very unique because he relies on math to edit pictures in Lightroom. Although his work is very diverse he tends to post series of images that match.


8. Mr. Essentialist

Alexander Atkins, also known as Mr. Essentialist posts pictures of his fine taste in (mostly expensive) clothing and essential items.  Not only do we like his fine taste, also the pictures he takes of his items. Alexander has a good sense of composition and knows when less is more.


9. Nicholas JR White

Nicholas is a travel photographer and most of his captures are landscapes. He is on this list because most of his images have a really simple and almost calming vibe.


10. Timmy ???

This must be one of my all-time favorite accounts on Instagram. The entire feed is just so clean and minimal. Every composition is perfect to every little detail and the colors of each shot match perfectly with the next. The ones I like best are the architecture photographs.


11. PolyWolves

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