About PolyWolves


The main ingredient to the secret PolyWolves clothing recipe is organic cotton. This soft and comfortable material is the base of most of our apparel.

Design Focussed

Design is what makes us a unique clothing brand. We take our time to create aesthetic geometric designs.


We set high standards for ourselves and for our products. Our goals are to reach a wide audience and make people aware of the importance of living a sustainable life.

When we design, we do it with passion. And with the thought; I would love to have this myself.

While I was in school studying product research and development I started focussing on the creative aspects, like graphics- and webdesign. In the past couple of years I became better at it and worked as a freelance webdesigner for a while. Until I ran into some problems. For starters, it was very hard to find T-shirts matching my style. That is why I started designing T-shirts that were minimal and geometric. When the designs started to pile up I figured it was time to do something with them. After doing some research on printing T-shirts I decided to try and sell my clothing. In the next couple of years the product line-up will grow, as will PolyWolves. However, we are going to keep our clothing special and exclusive. We also want to keep this clothing brand ‘our own’. I guess what I mean with that is we won’t let anyones opinion change the creative process behind PolyWolves.

At first I did it all on my own but after a while my girlfriend started to help me out wherever she could. She helps me with running multiple social media accounts and taking care of orders. She also helps me decide what to invest in. Building a sustainable clothing brand is hard work and taking risks. I also get a lot of help from a group of friends that I have know for ages.