About Project RD1

Project RD1 is about restyling old and vintage denim jackets so they are given a new life. The beauty of vintage denim jackets combined with the modern designs by PolyWolves creates a product that is not only truely unique, but also as sustainable as can be. The textile we use to restyle the jackets comes from old cotton sweaters.

The hunt

In search of the best vintage jackets and cotton sweaters we hunt down all the triftshops, vintage markets and websites we can find. Doing so we select only the best items to restyle. It’s a fun but time consuming proces, that is way we can only create a limited amount of Project RD1 jackets.

Washing the items

Since the clothing we found during the hunt are used, the collected items are all washed and dried. Then they are ironed to make working the fabrics easier.

Cutting and sewing

After we have washed all the pieces of clothing it’s time to cut up the jackets so the designs can be stitched in. We examen every item to determen where we want to place the pieces of dyed cotton.

Want to help?

Because we only use recycled materials during Project RD1, you can contribute! Everyone in the Netherlands can help us out by donating old black sweaters made out of 100% cotton. We are also still looking for nice denim jackets, preferrably vintage (20 years old or older). Contact us by sending an email to info@polywolves.nl or calling 06-11783532. Another great way to help us is by sharing this page on social media and by telling everyone about it.